To setup your site's homepage just like layout2 (or any of the 6 demos), please follow the instructions noted below. Nothing too complicated or messing up with coding thing, you just go on with these instructions :-)

FYI: Recommended: please see here in documentation

PART A: Importing theme's setup options

  1. Go to Theme Options -> Backup Settings.
  2. Choose file 'Justshop-backup.json' which can be found in Resources/import-data folder of your downloaded zip archive.
  3. Click 'Upload File and Import' button.
    Note: Json file contains default settings backup that applies automatically only to theme's setup options, so that you can start adding your own content without doing any manual 'time-consuming' theme options setup (except logo change).
  4. You will see "Settings successfully imported. | Return to Theme Options"
  5. Now go to Theme Options again after you see the above message and click 'Save Settings' button one more time.

... So far you have only imported the Theme's setup settings.

PART B: Importing packaged demo content

  1. After the above steps, go to Tools -> Import.
  2. Before clicking the link 'WordPress' you might see a popup here to install the WordPress importer plugin, so please install it.
  3. Choose demo data XML file 'Justshop.YYYY-MM-DD.xml' (where YYYY-MM-DD is the date) found in Resources/import-data.
  4. Click 'Upload File and Import' button.
  5. Assign Authors (Note: WordPress automatically prompts you for this step).
  6. Tick checkbox 'on' for 'Download and import file attachments and hit Submit.
  7. You might see some Failed messages, but please do not worry about them.
    On bottom of page you should see "All done. Have fun!"
  8. Go to Appearance Menus -> Manage Locations and choose "Menu" as Primary Menu from the drop-down list and hit 'Save Changes'.
  9. Assign WooCommerce pre-built pages:
    • For main Shop page, go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products (tab) and select 'Shop' from dropdown list for

      Product Archive / Shop Page

    • For Checkout and Cart pages, go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Checkout (tab) and select the appropriate ones from the dropdown list.
    • For My Account, go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Account (tab) and select the appropriate one from the dropdown list.
  10. Go to Settings -> Reading and choose 'A static page' -> Front Page: Homepage.
  11. Note: To setup sidebar widgets, you are supposed to manually set them up as per your choice.

...So far your site is almost setup exactly like demo but right now it is without the slider on homepage.

At this point, if you wish not to apply homepage slider on your site, you can skip the part noted below.

PART C: Importing Slider

  1. Go to Revolution Slider -> Create New Slider.
  2. Enter 'layout2' for Slider Title and Slider Alias.
  3. Click "Show Export/Import' link and select 'layout2.txt' from your downloaded zip (assuming you want to apply animation of slider from Header layout 2) and hit Import Slider.
  4. Save the slider again and check out your site.

  5. You should also go to Theme-Options > Slider & Headline and select the checkbox on to enable slider (for homepage) and in below box, paste the shortcode the slider has generated (e.g.[rev_slider layout3] )
  6. Save all changes after you are satisfied and check out your site.

Tip: For further detailed instructions and screenshots please see this solution article.

You're done!

Notes: Your downloaded zip archive already contains xml and json files needed for setup. All Images used in demo are from and are not part of the package.