Sometimes, people normally edit the premade imported portfolio items (from demo data) which creates a problem.

So, please always create a new instance by going to Cakes/Portfolio and see the two options below.

A. If you want to show only 1 image as the featured image for the single portfolio item, then click 'Set Featured Image' and apply any one from your Media Library.

B. If you want to show more than 1 image on a single portfolio item page, then you have to put in images from the content editor box.

  1. Click the blue button 'Backend Editor' (this activates the Visual Composer Page Builder)

  2. Next, click 'Add Row' and click the big '+' icon inside the grey box.

  3. Choose Image Gallery (responsive image gallery)

  4. From 'Gallery Type' select 'Image grid'.
  5. Now, select as many images as you would like from Media Library.
  6. After choosing images, put in "thumbnail" in Image size and click Save.
  7. Now, go to Featured Image section and choose a featured image (this will act as a main image for this portfolio item)
  8. Remember to choose (or create a new) Category in Portfolio Galleries.
  9. Publish the portfolio item, that's it. See image below

    Note: If you want text to come on right side of the main portfolio image, then you will have to use method (A) as said above. (i.e. 1 main portfolio image)

WordPress can’t “attach” previously uploaded images in your media library. They need to be uploaded to the post to be “attached”. Only “attached” images are shown in the portfolio.