JustShop theme is designed and coded to make it easy for end user (you). Most of things you can easily control from the theme's admin panel. It fits to width of available modern hand-held devices also. JustShop normally fits to a portal/blog kind of website, but its real highlight is WooCommerce/Shop on the core.
Check all 5 demos, they all look awesome!

Lets look at some features highlights:
  • 5 layouts of header. Easy to switch between them from Theme Options.

  • Shop pages are styled to display 2,3,4 and 5 columns so you are in control to show as many columns as you want.

  • There is a Headline feature on every page/post/product post types. Option to globally disable it or provide a global headline title and message from Theme Options –» Slider & Headline settings.
    Tip: Put text in metaboxes to provide a teaser text for visitors.

Styles management:
  • Common styles are in styles.css
  • Layout styles for desktop systems css/layout.css.
  • For responsiveness css/responsive.css
  • Woocommerce related styles are in css/woocommerce.css

    To write your own styles:
    Theme-options –» Display Options –» Custom css box, alternatively write in custom.css file located in justshop/custom.css
    Note: Please only do as mentioned above and please avoid modifying core files directly to be safe so that you can easily upgrade theme in future.

Homepage management:
  • Page template for Homepage is called "Custom Homepage"
  • Manage blocks of it from Theme-options –» Homepage.
  • [Optional] Use widget area called Homepage from Appearance –» Widgets. When you place your choice of widgets in this section, it replaces the default Product Category section of homepage and will your ones instead.

Note: You can activate default content homepage too. The content you enter on the page template editor box will appear on bottom of homepage. More details on it can be found below.

Sidebar management: 

Install 'WooSidebars' plugin. Main intention to install this plugin separately is because we need to avoid overloading the theme and its page load time.